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NeonWild was born from a pretty simple premise. Why, in the year 2020, in a world with so much amazing diversity, do so many of the super heroes and heroines that kids idolize and engage with feel so out-of-date? 

They are mostly white, with unobtainable and hyper-sexualized body types, and simply just unoriginal. All of these characters are the same ones we played with decades ago, and most of them our parents engaged with 50 years ago.  

So we are setting out to create a world where each child can create a hero that truly represents who they are. Regardless of race, color, religion, or ability, every child will be able to create their own character, and from there, a universe of incredible possibilities will grow around them.

In Phase 1 of Neon Wild, this universe will take the form of both a personalized digital story library and also physical toys that allow children to carry these adventures into the real world. It is incredibly important in this digital day-and-age that the Neon Wild universe transcends the virtual world. We want to encourage kids to take our stories with them into the real world, where their imaginations drive the narrative, and they can stay engaged outside of a screen.

Our overall vision is to partner with our users to co-create a universe of pure wonder, where every single human being is the hero of their own journey. The platform we are building now is only the beginning of this story. We envision a world where every person, from 1 to 121, has the opportunity to create their own character and grow with it through the years across all mediums. A new form of personalized entertainment for all ages, built around our core values of diversity, imagination, love and play.

So we have taken the first step, and are in the thick of creating the beginning of this world, establishing our narratives, our style, our brand and our technology. We have already assembled some of the most incredibly talented storytellers, artists and technologists in the world to help us on this quest, but we will need the help of every single person that engages with us to make Neon Wild the universe that it can be.

By reading this, you have taken that first step with us as well. And we are incredibly excited to have you on this journey with us. Stay tuned...

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