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Weare so excited to announce Neon Wild's first NFT collection,

Neon Wild is a company established in 2021 dedicated to ensuring that all children are heroes of their own stories. We provide families with personalized child development and entertainment platforms built on a universe of imagination. Our upcoming NFT drop is just the start of what we hope is a lifelong journey of exploration & learning with Neon Wild. 

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Neon Wild's Sqwizz NFT drop is the perfect opportunity for Sqwizz fans to buy exclusive items like a one-of-a-kind Sqwizz. In the Neon Wild metaverse, Many Worlds, each land has its own Sqwizz. One to guide each child on their journey to save the Neon Wild from The Rot, a group of villains that will stop at nothing to destroy the world! We can save the realm but we need your help! 

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Our NFT sale gives families the chance to gather virtually and secure a limited edition NFT Sqwizz. Remember the excitement of comic book conventions and book fairs as a kid? At Neon Wild, we're hosting a virtual NFT sale that brings the childlike joy of a convention right to your device! While the NFT space can be overwhelming, Neon Wild offers a family-friendly metaverse so families can safely select & utilize NFTs together. 

Looking for edutainment for those special kids in your life? Want to make someone’s day without the guilt of wasted screen time? Buy a Sqwizz token at our NFT drop! Shop our NFT tokens with your little ones and make it a family event! Or surprise those special kids in your life with Sqwizz tokens, granting early access to Neon Wild content. 

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With our Sqwizz collection we aim to provide value to our customers over the lifetime of their ownership of a Sqwizz NFT. We’ve thoughtfully added market-validated utility to our Sqwizz NFTs: a unique Sqwizz usable within the Neon Wild, high-quality animated collector’s art, hi-res pfp, early access to the Neon Wild platform, random airdrops of loot packs, & much more detailed below. 

Sqwizz tokens give you access to the Neon Wild during our Sprout phase ahead of the general public. Each Sqwizz NFT purchased is usable within the Neon Wild. Read & interact in one experience with our OG Sqwizz & in the next experience, use your one-of-a-kind NFT South Beach Sqwizz. Choosing a Sqwizz for your Neon Wild experience is up to you & your kids. 

For collectors seeking a collectible, as a store of value, we provide 3D assets of Sqwizz & high-resolution 2D profile images of Sqwizz. Use a one-of-a-kind Sqwizz as a profile pic (pfp). If the collection sells out, we’ll drop high-quality NFT collector’s art in the form of a Sqwizz animations!!! We are building out our Sqwizz collection with rarities & will use rarity.tools to help you track the relative rarity of your Sqwizz in this collection. As a company, we’ll thoughtfully manage the absolute rarity of all of our collections, given market demands. As a holder of a Sqwizz NFT, a secondary benefit afforded you is access to the Neon Wild, the first metaverse for families. 

Who is creating Neon Wild?

We are a talented multidisciplinary group of artists, technologists, & tinkerers, working to deliver a delightful & utility-packed Sqwizz NFT experience in the Neon Wild. Our project is currently in development (nearly 24/7) & is yet to launch. Soon we’ll share details on our launch timeline, minting (purchasing) process, price, behind the scenes looks, & much more! Head to our Twitter & Discord to follow & join our growing community for future updates. 

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